Mac's Manners
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We Offer Obedience Training:
* Initial consultation to discuss what you would like us to  accomplish.

* Private sessions for basic manners training, starting with name
   recognition, sit, down, focus, etc.

* Dog walking by the half hour. Morning and/or evening potty break(s).

*Dog/Puppy Massage by the half hour.
Mac's Manners Services
At Mac's Manners, I provide my students with high quality services, personalized for your specific needs. If I am unavailable to take your call, please leave your message and I will return your call before the end of business hours.

We Also Offer Unwanted Behavior Solutions:

* Initial comsultation to discuss what behavior you would like to resolve.

* Private sessions for solutions to problem behaviors such as digging,
   jumping, barking, bolting, housebreaking etc.

Our Rates:
* Initial consultations: No Charge

* 60 to 90 minute session for basic obedience training                             $   48.00

* 60 to 90 minute session for solutions to problem behaviors                  $   48.00

* 6 week package for basic obedience training                                           $  270.00

* Students beyond 25 miles per 60 to 90 minute session                         $    56.00

* Students beyond 25 miles for 6 week package                                        $   315.00

*Dog walking by the half hour                                                                      $     15.00

*Morning or Evening potty break                                                                $      6.00  each

*Dog/Puppy Massage by the half hour                                                       $    30.00